There’s Nothing Wrong With A Little Flavor: 5 Spices to Double Your Weight Loss


If you are struggling to lose weight, stop losing your sanity in the bottomless diet pit of starvation and gluttony. How about confidently jumpstart that weight loss without the sprinkling of any guilt and punishment? The healing spices that I share below can help you shed those stubborn pounds in a tangy, fresh and flavor some way. Now isn’t that a fun, delicious way to a smaller dress size?




This warm, golden yellow, peppery spice common in Indian cooking is well known as an anti-inflammatory thanks to media agencies.  Turmeric aids liver detoxification which helps protect cell damage, built up of environmental toxins and free radicals. It lowers LDL aka bad cholesterol, improves digestion and speeds up thermogenesis (biological process that burns calories) to reduce belly fat. It stains easily so be warned!




Widely used in Indian and Chinese cooking, this warming spice has long been used to settle an upset tummy or stop a runny nose. A strong digestive system is essential to absorb nutrients quickly and remove the excess, processed foods that cause bloating and burping. By increasing metabolism, ginger can help burn those fat stores in your body. A 2012 study by Columbia University showed that ginger had a significant effect on feeling of satiety after eating. What does this mean to you? By suppressing appetite and speeding  metabolism, ginger  helps  to avoid empty calories and lose weight.  This doesn’t give you the green light to go ahead and scoff your face with an Indian or Chinese takeaway!




Sure, the bakery counter entices you with the warm aroma of this bark. The use is not just limited to that apple pie or a chai latte. The key to weight loss lies in balanced sugar levels. Remember that surge of energy after a slice of your favorite cake? Then it comes crashing down. Cinnamon slows the rate at which your stomach empties after meals, reducing the blood sugar spikes. When you feel full, you eat less. Are you stuck on a weight loss plateau? Cinnamon is a powerful antibacterial and natural digestive that improves your gut health. A 2013 study by the National Institutes of Health showed how gut microbes and diet can affect weight loss. It’s  anti ageing benefits can be enjoyed in smoothies and herbal drinks.


Chili Pepper


Whether you like it hot or not, chili peppers are high in an antioxidant called Capsaicin which stimulates proteins to break  down  fat by revving up thermogenesis. The fiery taste even helps curb your appetite and according to a 2009 study, may help decrease ghrelin (hunger hormone). Take it easy as a little goes a long way! I forget to mention that the Aztecs and Mayans considered it an aphrodisiac!


Cumin Powder


The tiny seeds are often used in in Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean cooking. Cumin ensures a healthy digestive system by absorbing more nutrients and helping you get rid of the waste more quickly and efficiently. Cumin seeds are rich in anti oxidants and iron. A study published in the journal of Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice revealed that eating cumin regularly decreased body fat percentage by 14.64 % compared to 4.91% in those who did not eat cumin in the three month trial. Use it in your cooking or dry roast  them for sprinkle on oven roasted vegetable chips, soups and salads.


If you want to spice up your life, add some root, bark and plants to your diet. They are an inexpensive and a safer way  to melt the pounds and add flavor to your meals without the extra calories. Ready to seriously lose weight and get endless energy? Join me for a FREE, fun ENDLESS ENERGY 101 Challenge!


featured image via: taliafuhrman

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