5 Of The Sexiest Girls Who Surf You Should Look Out For This Summer


We all know that surfing is one of the most intense water activities to watch, I mean just watch the movie “Chasing Mavericks” and you will understand; which also entails what we are about to discuss- and that is hot surfer chicks. We have gone over why you should date a surfer in a previous post, but now we are going to talk about the actual surfers who are doing it right.

To surf at a professional level, you need more than just practice. This takes skill, focus and your undivided attention- because at any moment, you could be going face first into the ocean floor.

Luckily for us, surfing often entails being beautiful with an amazing body. From all the beaches across the world, Hawaii, Virginia Beach to Sydney- here are 5 of the hottest professional surf females that you need to look out for this year (in no specific order.)


Laura Enever


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This lady from down under is 23 year old Sydney surfer, Laura Enever. She was the ASP Triple Crown rookie of the year in 2009 as well as the ASP Women’s World Junior champion that same year. She went pro in 2011 and finished 10th in the highly contested Women’s Samsung Galaxy Champions tour in 2014.


Bree Kleintop


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Bree grew up in Virginia Beach and she is 21 years old. She started surfing at the age of 6 and has a pretty large amount of wins under her belt, or rather bathing suit, already. She was 3rd at the Billabong Junior Series in New Zealand in 2010 and 2nd place at the Taranaki surf contest that same year. In 2012 she took 3rd at the Surfing America Prime series and she has appeared in several magazines including Surfer Mag. Look out for the east coast beauty this year, you will not be disappointed.


Coco Ho


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Coco is from Honolulu, Hawaii and her Uncle Derek was one of the first world champions in Hawaii as well as her father won the Triple-Crown Surfing competition twice. ESPN also did their Body Issue in 2014 and she was one of the athletes featured, photographed without any clothes on while laying on her surfboard. So ultimately, she has winner in her blood and she’s not afraid to show it.


Bruna Schmitz


via: almasurf

This brazillian beauty is 25 years old and has taken over 100 titles in her amatuer surfing career. Since going pro, she has won over 13 titles. She was born in Brazil and was also in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is smokin’ hot and on her way to greatness.


Alana Blanchard



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This 25 year old american surfer comes from Hawaii and has been winning championships since 2005. She designs sexy clothing for the surf brand Rip Curl and has modeled for Sports Illustrated as well as Maxim. Yup, she’s doing it right.


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