5 Reasons Women Overlook You

Trying to understand women is like trying to split the atom; it’s not going to happen. As men, we’re better off just accepting women for the way they are than trying to solve them. Because we’re never going to solve them, they literally never know what they want and they will never know what they want. However, with all of that being said women do know one thing. They know what they don’t want. And when they don’t want you, there’s definitely a reason for it. Here are 5 reasons that women overlook you.

5. You’re Too Nice

No matter what Mommy and Daddy want you to believe while you’re growing up, the fact of the matter is that women don’t want to have sex with a nice guy. They want to have sex with an asshole. An asshole will at least know what he’s doing in the bedroom, whereas a nice guy will still be nice in the bedroom. Women don’t want that. As a Nice Ned, you never put anyone in their place, you let them talk down to you and you refuse to stand up for yourself to avoid conflict. Women don’t want that, they want a man. You can still be a man and treat her right. But there is a fine line between being nice and being a wimp, Ned.


4. You Have No Confidence

Confidence, Swag…whatever you want to call it, you lack it. You don’t carry yourself the way you should, you don’t think you’re as good as the people in the room with you, and you don’t speak your mind. Also, you’re intimidated by good-looking women. The type of guy she wants isn’t the type of guy who’s intimidated by her.


3. You Dress Like You’re In High School

As you get older you realize that the way you dress is everything. You have to highlight your attributes. You can be the life of the party with bad clothes, but you can’t be the guy who takes the girl home with bad clothes. Summer’s just around the corner so turn in the crew neck for a v-neck, buy a couple of polo’s, get some khakis (shorts or pants, whichever you prefer) and trade in the sneakers for some boat shoes. Also, go get fitted for a sports jacket before the fall comes along. If changing your wardrobe doesn’t help you score, I’ll buy you dinner, just email me.


2. You Don’t Dance

How can women figure out if you’re good in bed before they get in bed with you? They can dance with you. Guys who can dance can usually lay the wood in the bedroom, it’s just a fact. Any woman will tell you that if a guy can’t dance, she won’t go home with him. If you tell a girl you don’t dance, you’re basically telling them you just want to be friends. She’s looking for the guy who can make her imagine how good he is in bed, not the guy standing in the corner like a grandfather with a broken hip.


1. You Don’t Drink Like a Man

When I say you don’t drink like a man, I don’t mean that you don’t black out and get shitfaced every weekend. I mean that you don’t drink like a MAN should drink. You drink things like vodka and cranberry instead of vodka on the rocks, you don’t drink whiskey and you can say with a straight face that you like Coors Light. Grow a pair, drink some whiskey on the rocks and learn to love it. Also, never get too drunk. You should always be in control of yourself when drinking, that’s what men do. Drink like a man, she will take notice.

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