5 Reasons We Need To Stop Being Selfish About Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction


One Direction played in South Africa for the first time since former band member Zayn Malik left the band in March not too long ago. The heartthrob’s departure has left millions of fans and a handful of celebrities devastated and even offended. Obviously, 1D isn’t taking his farewell too well, either. Although Zayn seems to be doing well on his own, the rest of the world is still managing to cope.

Look, I get it. Zayn Malik made major contributions to One Direction, helping to shape the face of a typical Brit boy band into a worldwide phenomenon. Not to mention he’s a charming guy and is wildly good-looking.

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He can pull of a man bun and a turtleneck and a blazer all at once, who wouldn’t want to go to a concert to see more of this perfect specimen?

How are the rest of the boys handling this? Not well, according to Hollywood. They all feel betrayed, and Louis Tomlinson is now the reason that Zayn had to take down his newest track with producer Naughty Boy “I Don’t Mind” which made Tomlinson get stuck in a rut, even tweeting statements like, “You’re so inconsiderate pal,” and “Seriously how fucking old are you? Grow up!”

However, his reasons for leaving are his own, and we can’t control what other people want to do with their lives. If you need more convincing, here are five solid reasons why yes, we are being selfish with Zayn’s exit, and why we should at least try to understand and respect his decision.

1. The reason he left was a perfectly rational one.

Zayn left One Direction for personal reasons, saying that he only wants to be a “normal 22 year- old” and “relax and have time out of the spotlight.” This angered millions, because most of us don’t understand the immense pressure and towering expectations one has in the entertainment business. What does a normal 22 year old do for fun? Probably things that aren’t going to serve well in the public eye. The guy’s in his early 20′s, it’s a crucial time for him and he needs to make the best of it. It’s the weirdest time of your life, quite honestly. So before you get defensive, think about what you would be doing to make your 20s count.

2. Leaving One Direction has given him direction.

Pardon the pun, but I’m not upset that Zayn left! I am upset that he’s being discouraged from pursuing a solo career from people whom he once considered to be his brothers. Since when haven’t we heard of a band member leaving a band? Guns N’ Roses? Red Hot Chili Peppers? I wish his track was still up on SoundCloud so I could play it on repeat. Not to spite anyone, but because it’s a meaningful song that truly does speak for itself as promised by Naughty Boy.

3. He can focus on his relationship now.

Ok, so now that Zayn left, there are rumors flying all over the place about his personal life. Which is normal considering the circumstances, but finally Zayn has a chance to focus on Perrie amidst cheating allegations while receiving his entitlements from leaving One Direction. Apparently there are speculations about a wedding since he took off on a private jet with her on March 31? Well, whatever the case may be, he and Perrie can be even better influences on each other because they have time for each other. They make a great couple!

4. One Direction won’t be the same without him, and that’s a good thing.

Zayn’s exit has damaged many, but it is also good for both him and One Direction. It’s already letting the remaining four band members get their creative spark going as Niall Horan recently bragged about upcoming music that will be released later this year and has already served as a springboard for Malik to jump off on in terms of getting his solo career going. Can’t wait to see what musical endeavors both parties will course to succeed even more than they already have.

5. He still loves his fans. And he always will.

Rule number one of any relationship/celebrity fantasy is that you want the person you love and respect to be happy. Although many are angry with Zayn for leaving, which is a completely understandable reaction, we all do love him and he loves us too. He’s doing everything he can to make sure his fans are in a happy place because he’s happy with where he’s at right now. So while you’re crying in front of your Zayn Malik shrines tonight, remember that he loves you, and he’s always thinking of you, dear obsessed fan.

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