5 Reasons She Doesn’t Want to Date You


The funniest thing I find about men is that we believe that the female gender will never be figured out. We act as if females are the most complicated beings on the planet. Now, before I go on, most of that is true. Even women know they’re complicated. However, figuring out why women don’t want to date you isn’t complicated at all. That’s supposed to be the easy part. She could be the most confused person on earth, but do you know what she is absolutely sure of? That she doesn’t want to date you.


You Don’t Listen

For lack of a better word; you’re what we would simply call, dumb. Why are you dumb? Because not only do you not listen; you’re not even smart enough to act like you’re listening.Yes, sometimes things women talk about are brutal. Sometimes you just don’t want to listen to a woman ramble, we get it. But you know what? If she doesn’t think you’re listening, she will be done with you.

She will look at you as a guy who doesn’t care about what she’s saying. Which also means she looks at you as a guy who doesn’t really care about her as a person. It’s not a good quality to have, in general. But, it’s a disastrous quality to have with women.

You’re Negative

Regardless of the situation, you are the anchor holding everyone down. You’re a complainer who hates everyone and everything. And the worst part is that you put other people down to make yourself feel better. Women want a guy who’s building people up, not breaking them down.


You’re Cheap

I’m not sitting here, telling you to spend money that you don’t have. But I am sitting here telling you that you shouldn’t always be looking for a bargain. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re a grown man, with a job. If you happen to be a grown man without a job, stop reading immediately; and go get your life together. As for those of you who are employed, stop complaining about how expensive things are. It’s a bad look.

You’re Full of Yourself

You’re the man and everyone should know it. Especially the women you talk to.

You tell them how great you are, how good looking you are, and how much of an alpha male you are.

If she’s drunk and looking for a one-night stand; you might be her guy.

But when she’s looking for a relationship, she’s not looking for the guy who’s so self-absorbed that he makes Floyd Mayweather look humble.


She’s Just Not That Into You

Sometimes, she’s just not that into you. It’s nothing you did. Well, it’s a little bit of what you did. Either you’re too nice, she just looks at you as a friend, or she’s not attracted to you. Whatever the case may be, you can’t make a woman change her mind about her feelings. Either she’s attracted to you, or she’s not. Stop sitting around trying to figure out why she won’t date you. You’re a non sexual entity in her eyes. Just do what every other man does when a woman doesn’t want him. Go to a bar, pick up a solid 3, and take her back to your place to make yourself feel better.


featured image via: Simone Becchetti

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