5 Random Items Every Man Should Have To Spice Up His Sex Life


Going to a guy’s place is pretty overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time or if you know you are about to get down and dirty. To make this experience easier, there are a few things a man should have to make things interesting, fun and something worth coming back too. Nothing is sexier than a man who introduces a woman to something new in the bedroom and nothing beats a man who knows what he is doing. Here are 5 random items every man should have and use in his house during a night of pleasure.


5. An erotic book.

Have you ever looked up naughty things on Tumblr and read the story? Think cuckold Tumblr or Dirty Hot Mom Tumblr, whatever the case may be that you are into sexually- look it up on Tumblr, read it with someone and let me know where that goes. Reading a sexual story, especially together is so liberating- especially something you are both into. (Bonus: you might not even know it!) Your night will truly be magical.


4. Furniture.

Use the things you have available already to you to their potential. Take your pillows and place them under her butt during missionary to reach different parts of her vagina. According to Joy Davidson, PH.D., author of Fearless Sex “the angle may intensify your pleasure, too.”

Use your shower, washing machine or your kitchen counter to your advantage. Even the sofa is a way to increase the chance of multiple stimulation in minimal effort. “Sometimes the bed is too soft, too low, or too boring to achieve the position you want,” says Suzi Godson, author of Sexploration. This will allow her soft spots to grind on the cushy arm of the sofa.”


 3. Handcuffs.

50 Shades of Grey was a huge breakthrough for sex as a female, and it got a lot of us thinking about how far we would go during sex. Although getting whipped and hardcore BDSM might sound appealing, some of us are not ready to go that far just yet. Handcuffs are a way to fulfill those kinky fantasies- without having whip marks all over our body. Sex needs to be ever changing or you will both get bored, so bring in some handcuffs and see where the night takes you.


2. A robe.

I’m talking Hugh Hefner, nice as f*ck and comfy as f*ck. Bring on the silk baby. As a girl, the worst thing about sex is putting clothes back on, especially if what she was wearing was uncomfortable. Clothes also suck because you know you’re just going to have to take it off again. Pajamas are cool, but if you really want to get her juices flowing, bust out a dope ass robe. You will be taking it off with your teeth later.


1. Full body mirror.

Buy the biggest mirror you can find and put it on your wall next to your bed or, if you are feeling even more froggy- put it on your ceiling. The hottest thing a guy can do while he is inside me is grab my face, kiss me, make me look at the mirror and say “Look how hot we look together” or something along those lines. This is a fun and sexual way to see what you look like and what you are doing. It’s like watching a porn during filming.


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