4 Ways To Make Your Summertime Heartbreak A Positive Thing

Summertime is fickle when it comes  to love. Some couples use the time to plan vacations together, but unfortunately the majority of relationships end as soon as summer solstice occurs. I know many of my friends have just had their hearts broken, mine included. They feel unwanted, insecure, afraid to start committing themselves ever again. They’re hurt that their exes were so selfish to dump them during the summer, but what they don’t realize yet is that they’ve been set free at the best possible time. If you’re getting over a heartbreak right now, here are four reasons why summertime is the best time for you to be single.

4. Good weather, good vibes

Breaking up with someone during the winter can be colder and harsher than the season itself. When fall creeps around the corner, the temperatures begin to cool and people tend to seek companionship as the season’s days end earlier and the nights last longer. During the winter, we tend to think about others rather than ourselves. People want to feel warmth, comfort, and security in the company of others, and can often lose themselves in the fog of seasonal depression when isolated from others. Summertime is a better self-reflection period, with days that are meant to be spent the way one wants to spend them. The heartbreak healing process is so much easier to handle during the summer because it gives broken hearts more time to mend and seek warmth from natural sunshine, instead of feeling rushed to seek the comfort of another during the feverish winter days.

3. Being yourself

When we’re with someone for so long, we tend to give up part of our identity to be with the person we care about for their sake. Being broken up during the summer is an excellent time to start fresh, become the person you want to be instead of the person you felt like you needed to be with your ex. With your ex out of the picture, you have time to rediscover your independence and be a better you than you were before. Getting comfortable with your heartbreak will help you appreciate the next person who comes into your life so much more because you’ll have a better understanding of what love is from taking time to love and appreciate yourself.

2. Traveling

While some may desire taking a “baecation”, I personally believe that there’s no time to travel like being single in your twenties. When you travel alone, you’re in control of your own journey. You decide where you want to go, what you want to do, when you want to do it. You get to explore countries and experience the culture and lifestyle there, and can even find job opportunities to build up your own resume. Just going out and seeing the world is life-changing. There are so many experiences my friends who’ve traveled single have shared that are outrageous. Let’s just say that what happens across the world, stays across the world.

1. Hotties everywhere

Libido’s through the roof during the summer, and it’s time to take full advantage of it if you’re freshly broken up. Summer can make you want to start thinking about how you look, but most importantly how you feel. And you should feel great about yourself, because you’re hot and young and single. Have fun in the sun and remember to bring your shades.

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