35 Struggles Only The Non-Procrastinator Understands


Procrastination may be labeled as a disease or a curse, but it’s something so many people have to the point that it’s accepted as a normal condition. Being a non-procrastinator is lonely in a group of temporizing individuals. Though I can’t really say I’m completely dedicated to not procrastinating, I’m usually good enough at getting things done on time to empathize with those who know how to get shit done 100% of the time. It’s a gift to be punctual, but sometimes it gets to the point where procrastination is appealing. Speaking of getting to the point, without further ado, here are 35 struggles every non-procrastinator endures.

35. The only other words for non-procrastinators are words like “ambitious”, “hardworking” or “responsible”.

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34. You’re waiting for the day where you’re sitting in your mansion, laughing at all of those dawdling doubters who are still trying to pay off their debts because they’re still procrastinating.

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33. Finding time to waste is harder than it looks.

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32. You’re a social outcast because you’re the only one who doesn’t procrastinate.

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31. Your friends think you hate your life, even though you’re perfectly content.

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30. No one understands you do your worst under last-minute pressure.

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29. Even your parents tell you to take a break sometimes.

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28. It gets to the point where you aren’t invited to places anymore because everyone knows you have priorities.

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27. People also take offense when you use the term “priorities”.

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26. You’ve tried being more like your cool slacker pals, but then your heart pounds because you remember the inevitable pile of stuff that’s waiting for you.

25. That pile of stuff only seems to grow bigger the more seconds you waste. It’s like a monster that feeds on your free time.

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24. Your Sundays are pretty lonely because everyone else is buried underneath their work while you managed to get everything done early…again.

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23. You cringe when you hear the words “good procrastinating”. IT’S STILL PROCRASTINATING.

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22. You still don’t know how people can willingly put themselves through hell by putting things off until who-knows-when.

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21. People are mystified by your magical abilities to never postpone things, and want to know your secret.


20. They’re also jealous of your work ethic.

19. You always need to explain that you’re not a try-hard, you’re just doing things you have to do at the right time.

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18. You don’t think anyone understands the damage of missing an assignment or turning things in late.

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17. No one gets that you don’t have to be a perfectionist to not procrastinate.

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16. It’s hard making the people you love understand that you want to spend time with them, but they’re asking at an inconvenient time for you.

15. You have to remind yourself that yes, you’re capable of having a social life.

14. Looking on social media and seeing your friends literally at the club going up on a Tuesday without you is a punch in the gut.

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13. You seriously don’t have super powers…maybe.

12. People think you’ll do their homework just because you’re good at doing your own homework.

11. When you refuse doing people’s homework, they get mad at you and fire back with the famous, “Fine, I’ll do it myself!” To which you reply, “Ok…good?”

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10. People call your studying methods a “hobby”. As if doing hours of homework is fun.

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9. You find it very confusing how people would rather hang out with other procrastinators and complain about procrastinating rather than coming to someone like you for guidance to solve their problems.

8. And when people do go to you for help, they think it’s too difficult to have a proper sense of timing like you do.

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7. And you begin to realize how poor other people’s sense of timing is, which causes slight feelings of mistrust. Slight ones.

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6. But you can’t seem to find non-procrastinator friends to hang out with, because you’re a rare kind.

5. You have a reputation for barely answering your texts and phone calls, which always worries your parents when they check in to see if you’re alright.

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4. No one believes you when you say you have done badly on tests before.

3. Again, not superhuman.

2. You can’t say, “Fuck It” no matter how hard you try, because you know how deep that bite in the ass is going to be when it comes back to you.

1. There aren’t even any non-procrastination gifs to make this article more fun and relatable.

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