30 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Boyfriend Calls A Random Girl ‘Hot’


Having your man check out other girls is one thing; we all check out good-looking people. Unknowingly, even. But when he has the audacity to vocalize his opinion on another girl he sees, that’s when our insecurity explodes and thoughts buzz through our brains and we think of every possible way we can calm ourselves down without holding a rabid dog to his balls. This is for the ladies who need reassurance in their ostensible hatred towards their boyfriends when those dogs step out of line.

30. What the hell just happened, who is she, I will ruin her, I’m WAY f*cking hotter than that bitch.

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29. OMG he did not just say that.

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28. What does he see in her?

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27. Ok, she’s actually very attractive. But he didn’t have to say it out loud.

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26. Would he get jealous if I called another guy hot?

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25. Better make sure he isn’t looking still.

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24. Going to have to utilize this powerfully strong angst to deny him sex tonight.

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23. Ok, fine, I know we’re having sex tonight.

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22. What should I do to make him feel guilty about what he just did?

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21. Yay, going f*cking insane over this FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.

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20. He better not be thinking about her.

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19. Well, that was a delightfully painful stab in my chest.

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18. I’m going to call another guy hot, it’s final.

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17. Shit, where the hell are all the hot guys at.

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16. F*ck, now I sound like a whore…oops.

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15. Who cares?! Bitch needs to LEARN.

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14. I kind of want to cry about this for a bit without losing my cool, help. 
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13. I need to post a really sexy selfie so he sees what he’s got.

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12. I secretly hate him.

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10. He says he loves me though…

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9. He does call me sexy…and beautiful…

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8. I guess it’s normal for him to look, he IS a guy.

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7. Maybe he likes it when I get jealous.

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6. That’d be really cute if that were the case.

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5. Wait…if that were the case…

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4. Nah, he loves me, I’m a trophy.

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3. To be honest, we all check out other people.

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2. I’ll let this slide for now.

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1. Until next time, babe…

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