3 Unconventional Ways To Get The Right Mentors


Every careerist or entrepreneur needs a mentor. They happen to be invaluable to your career success and to living a more holistic life. Yet, finding the right mentor can either be tricky or sometimes expensive. Many careerists think that the best place or the best people to go to for advice are people who have achieved tremendous success – the kind of success we aspire to attain someday. Sometime’s nursing such idea or notion can be wrong. For a young CEO or an employee who is just starting out in his career, perhaps debunking the traditional approach may be the ultimate key to finding the right mentor. Here are three keys you can develop to finding the right mentor. These keys are inexpensive and offer the right model for an employee or a business owner just starting out.


Find an Individual who is relative to the career stage you are in now.

It is natural to want to gravitate and swing toward extremely successful people. It may be your assumption that such successful or powerful people have a lot of answers to career success. Don’t be mistaken, a ‘hot-shot’ may not have all the answers you need to succeed. Rather you should find someone who has walked in your shoes. If you are in a start-from-scratch growth mode, find someone who has walked through the same path and successfully steered through that same process and ask him or her for advice.


Seek advice from peers and colleagues.

If you are a careerist, it means you have colleagues or workmates you can talk to. Although you may feel like you have everything figured out or under control, this will only make it daunting to seek honest advice from your peers. Find someone who is truly a peer, someone else within your workplace or industry that is grappling with the same challenges you are facing right now. This professional relationship could become tremendously valuable to your career and will include mentor-ship and moral support. It is always the smug facade and open up to a trusted peer who can offer helpful advice from an opposite perspective. This sort of mentor-ship is mutually-beneficial and valuable for both parties.


Listen to clients.

In your career such advice may not be new. Many careerists may feel reluctant to apply this advice as they do think clients could also be possible mentors. But a client who comes to your business place and appreciates what you are doing is also smart. If not, he wouldn’t value your services. Always appreciate response from clients. When you find out a client has something relevant to contribute in opinion to the progress of your career, your business or your company’s culture, you should reach out and ask for feedback. This could result to the beginning of an unexpected mentor-ship. You should understand that mentoring relationships could emerge from unexpected places. If you want to be successful in your career, you should look for those possibilities in every interaction you have with people whether workmates, clients and colleagues. During such conversations you can discern if this person would be the right mentor for you or not.


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