3 Things Men Can’t Live Without


Men are simple creatures. Seriously, we are very easy to please. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for us. Just give us some fellatio, fix us a sandwich and don’t ask questions while the game is on; and we’re happier than a pig in shit. However, there are a few things that we definitely can’t live without. Before I begin, let me just mention a couple of honorable mentions. Toilet paper, shaving cream and baby powder; as much as we like you three, you did not make the cut.



You may have no idea where I’m going with this one. And that is perfectly okay. However, let’s keep going. One thing men can’t live without in this world is Bromance. Having one or even a group of friends who you can hang out with, confide in and yell and scream at every now and then is something men can’t live without. What’s the first thing we try and figure out whenever we get into a relationship? How we are going to carve out time to spend with the boys. Our friends are everything to us. And not having those friends around is something that we can’t even fathom. Sure, eventually we’ll all find women in our lives. But having your friends is, and always will be one of the most important things to any man walking this earth. Our friends are the only thing that keeps us somewhat sane.



This can be taken one of two ways. Meaning space away from people or our own personal space. For men, it’s both. An essential for every man is having his own space. We all need our own area that only belongs to us. Our area where we go and handle our man shit. Whether that be eating a sandwich naked on our couch, which you should try if you haven’t; or having a female over for some wine and a chick flick. The point is that we can’t live without a space of our own. Ask any man, they’ll all say they need some type of domain. On the flip side, personal space is also something every man can’t live without. When we say we don’t want to talk to anyone, we literally mean we don’t want to talk to anyone. It’s nothing personal, we just enjoy having time to ourselves where we can think and not be bothered by anyone. It’s something all men need.



Could you imagine this world without women? It would be nothing but a bunch of savages filled with piss and vinegar running wild all over the streets. Have you ever heard the great Dave Chappelle say that a man’s test in life is a woman? Well, he couldn’t be any more correct. If I could get laid in a Batman onesie, I wouldn’t buy a suit. Women are the one thing that drive men crazy, but they’re the thing we can’t live without. Not only for the sex and the eye candy; but also because they keep us in check whether we like to admit it or not.

 featured image via: vice.com

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