25 Sexy Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Halloween is notorious for bringing out the sexy in all of us, so why not let your significant other join in on the action? We’ve rounded up some of the most romantic (and maybe even a little raunchy) couples costumes out there. Get creative with your partner in crime this year, and add some sex appeal to your celebrations with these outfit ideas.


1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Handcuffs and whips are ideal accessories for this outfit.

They both help humanity and look great while doing it.

9. Zombie Gangster and Flapper

Sexy even in death.

10. Daken and Miss Sinister

Love hurts.


13. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny

Geeky chic and supersweet.

15. Mermaid and Sailor

Sexy Soldiers

This version of Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t look so innocent.

Image Source: Instagram user pjinmotion

She’s got enchanting eyes . . .

19. Jasmine and Aladdin

Image Source: Instagram user liianneee

A more adult version of our favorite Disney duo.

20. Gladiators 

If you want to channel two powerful people, consider going for a gladiator getup with your SO.


Flying high.

22. Sexy Pirates

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