25 Rules Every Man Should Follow

Some rules are meant to be broken, others are meant to be followed. Gentlemen, these are 25 rules that should and must always be followed and lived by if you want to be remembered as a leading inspiration for men everywhere.

1. If you’re invited over for dinner, don’t show up empty handed.

2. Never ask her what’s wrong, just fix it.

3. Things that impress your buddies won’t impress your girlfriend.

4. Have a drink of choice. Choose it wisely.

5. Don’t flinch.

6. Be sincere.

7. Adapt to every situation.

8. Trust only a handful of people. If they don’t trust you, you shouldn’t trust them and if they break your trust, they should never receive it again.

9. Be punctual.

10. Never bum a smoke.

11. Always carry a lighter.

12. Demand respect by being respectful.

13. Learn to hold your liquor.

14. Don’t grope strangers. Introduce yourself first.

15. Read a book.

16. Never call a lady a bitch or slut to her face.

17. Don’t beat around the bush.

18. Say please and thank you.

19. Listen more than you speak.

20. Never apologize if you don’t mean it.

21. Never make the same mistake twice.

22. Honor your word.

23. Give credit to those who deserve it, don’t blame those who don’t.

24. Don’t boast. Your actions should speak for themselves.

25. Be mindful of 2 things: Where you put your signature, and where you put your d*ck.

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