16 Crazy, Daring, And Just Plain Awesome Selfies


Selfies have taken over the world, everyone has taken one before! People take selfies at crazy parties, with their friends, at cool places, while having sex with their loved one like this “#Don’t Judge Me But: Girl Posts An Instagram Selfie Of Her Bent Over During Sex”, and they even made a song about it #Selfie – Chainsmokers.

So to celebrate our hate/love for selfies, we are showing you 16 crazy, daring, and just plain awesome selfies:

1. Jesus selfie

jesus selfie

2. The Diving selfie

diving selfie

3. Hanging selfie

hanging selfie

4. Balloon jump selfie

balloon jump

5. Chopper selfie

chopper selfie

6. Geronimo selfie

geronimo selfie

7. Airplane selfie

airplane selfie

8. Glider selfie

glider selfie

9. Parachuting selfie

skydiving selfie

10. Dare devil selfie

daredevil selfie

11. Kite Surfing selfie

gnarly surfing selfie

12. Nascar selfie

Nascar selfie

13. S.O.S selfie

s.o.s. selfie

14. Skydiving selfie

skydiver selfie

15. Top of a skyscraper in Dubai selfie

on the edge selfie

16. Spacewalk selfie

astronaut selfie

images via: ebaumsworld

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