15 Reasons Why You Should Date A Surfer


Going to the beach and watching surfers rip it out there for hours is so sexy to watch. They move with passion and are passionate about what they do. Not only do they have so much heart, it’s usually the only thing on their mind so they are loyal. What’s better than a passionate and loyal person? Not much except one that is both of these and is all yours. Here are the top 15 reasons why you should date a surfer.

15. They know how to hit lips and they hit them hard.

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14. Their scrapes and bruises only make them feel more connected.

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13. No matter what, they always know when to go in and when to come out.

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12. Backdoor is one of their favorite positions.

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11. Rubber suits are standard procedure.


10. They love to film it especially with a go pro.

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9. They are good from getting from their knees to standing up at the perfect moment.

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8. Their bodies are absolutely incredible.

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7. Some of their favorite places to take you are exotic locations with beautiful beaches.

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6. They live in the now so they will teach you how to appreciate the beauty of whats around you.


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5. You never have to worry about where they are because when they are not with you they are usually surfing.

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4. They are devoted and passionate people.

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3. They like to get as deep as possible.

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2. Once they are in there, they stay as long as possible, feeling every single inch.

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1. Once they come out, they can’t wait to get back in.

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