13 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship In Your 20s Is A Positive Thing


Being scrutinized, judged and analyzed for being in a relationship in your 20s is something that just comes with the territory. Some common things you are told is “You shouldn’t be tied down” or “You need to find yourself”.

We get it- Being in a relationship when you are younger goes against your more self-discovery years of traveling alone, making mistakes and sleeping with a lot of people while you are still hot and sassy. Although these are all attractions to most people and the fact of having zero commitment to another person does sound appealing, so does sharing in a life-long memory with someone else to enjoy that moment of time with.

Our generation has seen more than most. Between war, divorce, technology and everything else that our generation has come across, it would make sense that we would be apprehensive of an idea of sticking with one person- possibly forever, and be okay with that.

Our generation will truly change the world, and as lazy as we all seem to be, we all know that behind how the media portrays us and how we live every day (even through those Sunday Fundays and three ways and hook ups), we all have a vision of who we are going to be and how we are going to get there. We all move at our own speed and we are okay with that, so why is everyone so negative when one of us wants to jump into a relationship?

There is no reason to slow down our personal and dating life just because we are young. There is no reason that we should listen to you rant about how we need to use these years to selfishly experience our own life by ourself from people who couldn’t even keep their marriage in order.

Here are 13 reasons why having a relationship in your 20s is a good thing and why we need to listen to ourselves.

13. You possess the desire to experience new things because you are older, but not too old to be looked down upon.

12. You are actually interested in finding out more about the world and life in general with each other.

11. Going out with their friends doesn’t feel like a chore.

10. Will provide a sense of support and motivation that otherwise would not exist.

9. You become a more passionate and devoted person through living your life with someone else whom you cherish and wouldn’t want to lose that for anything.

8. Sex is ever-evolving and more fullfilling because you are learning and growing with each other.

7. Neither person is dependent on each other financially because neither of you have money, so you learn to save yourself.

6. Time apart is accepted because most of us have a solid foundation of friendships and we cherish those more than anything.

5. You can travel together or with a group because thats what 20 year olds do.

4. You learn to accept and grow as a part of this other persons family.

3. You both understand that the present is now and you want to take it for all it’s worth.

2. Arguments don’t seem as big as they could be and you learn to communicate over time, which will lead to a better form of communication later in life.

1. You are there for each others’ struggles and accomplishments and you are genuinely happy for your significant other and you support them along their trials and errors.

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