12 Websites College Students Need To Know


I have basically been in panic mode this whole week thinking about all the things I am going to need to get done this year. Panic set in shortly after I already missed my first class due to being way to hungover and I was finishing up Parks and Rec on Netflix.

It’s easy to avoid the things you need to get done and be unorganized, in fact, as a college student, it’s almost guaranteed! So, to make this year easier for you, we have compiled a list of websites specifically for college students that will help make your workload easier and keep you on track.


12. StudentRate


StudentRate compiles a list of student deals and discounts ranging from clothes to gadgets.


11. Prezi


This free, online presentation software makes your presentation look professional and unique… way better than Microsoft Powerpoint or Excel.


10. Mint

mintBallin on a budget? Mint allows you to track your transactions and gives you the breakdown of how you spend your money and is way easily accessible.


9. Thesaurus


Thesaurus will save your life when it comes to your essays. They allow you to mix up your wording and will help you write smarter.


8. Google Scholar

Google Scholar will make your research paper go from a C to an A+. I mean it’s google, for scholars. How can you go wrong?


7. EasyBib


I don’t know who made this but I would do dirty things to them. Type in your sources information and EasyBib will create the citation for you as well as format these.


6. Written? Kitten!


Do you like cats? Well, some genius made this website so that every 100 words that you write a kitten pops up on your screen, giving you a little motivation and fun during your writing process.


5. InternMatch


This free service allows you to create a profile and apply for internships or entry level jobs.


4. KeepMeOut


This prevents you from visiting your most frequented sites for however long you determine, allowing you to get your work done. This is great for when it’s crunch time.


3. Evernote


This allows you to organize any information you need neatly and is accessible across all of your devices.


2. Quizlet


Create flashcards online and share them with friends. You can also track your progress.


1. DragonDictation


Just speak, and the dragon will respond. Instead of typing out an essay, you literally say what you want written down and it will happen leaving your hands free to do as you please.

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