12 Ties For The Successful Gentlemen

There are few moments in life that define the person that we want to become.  These defining moments can directly change the course of our lives in a flash, and before we even realize there is something going on, it has already passed.  In order to capitalize in these situations you must be meticulously prepared.  There are many scenarios that we can speculate, but I’d like to discuss business.  The old saying is “it’s not what you know, its who you know” I’m gonna take it one step further and declare it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t wearing the right tie.

The right tie can be a crucial difference maker when closing, in any situation.

The perfect tie not only discloses information that cannot be conveyed verbally, but it automatically captures the attention of whoever you are speaking with seducing them with your very presence.  Different situations prompt different ties.  For example, as a lawyer you don’t want to walk in to a partner’s office with a tie that outshines their own, but you certainly want to wear something that is distinguishable from the rest.  Set yourself apart through your self expression.

The perfect tie is the most useful self-actualizing accessory.  Wearing the tie which properly displays who you want to become is crucial to success, it can make or break deals just as much as what you say or do.

Here are 12 ties for the successful gentlemen.

The Hermes Roulez Cheval may be the most iconic tie of all time, it is a status symbol, like a private chopper or a house in The Hamptons.



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Tom Ford:









Hugo Boss:



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