10 Signs You Have Reached Adulthood


Contrary to popular opinion, reaching adulthood doesn’t come with age. A person could be twenty five years- old and be immature and an individual could be eighteen years-old and show the characteristics of an adult. Adulthood is more of an attitude rather than how long we have spent on Earth. There are certain signs or behaviors that manifest the trait of adulthood. Here are ten signs to know you have become mature.

1. You are more attentive

When you become more experienced, you tend to listen and be more attentive to what people have to say or what they do to you. As human beings we are designed to gain more information and speak less. When you act speak less and listen more, people tend to take you more seriously and this quality does add to your confidence.


2. You are more selective

With adulthood comes the desire to have better choices and demand more of those things around you. As a matured person you tend to become more selective with the way you spend your time or whom you spend your time with and the activities you spend your time on. You know you cannot do everything you choose to do all at once yet certain things start to gain more priorities in your life.


3. You are a people person

As kids we love toys and gadgets which tend to take more of our time. These gadgets tend to add a certain kind of fantasy level in our lives. But as we grow up we start appreciating the people around and enjoy spending time with them. It could be with the opposite sex or with certain persons within our peer group or even with kids and elderly people.


4. You are goal-oriented

As adults we understand the cycle of change and we like to prepare ourselves for the next chapter of our lives. When you start making plans or setting objectives for yourself it means you are becoming matured and have reached adulthood.


5. You cherish responsibility

Whether you are taking responsibility for your actions, finances or a group of persons, you display maturity by being responsible. Responsibility means going the extra mile and wearing a leadership quality.


6. You pay attention to your body and health

There is a point you get to when you have to accept ownership of your body and health that you want to treat it right. You pay attention to what you wear and what other people’s perception of your appearance may be.


7. You are more thoughtful

You learn from mistakes and you become meticulous before you take any actions.  You don’t act irrationally or become consistently indecisive.


8.  You are more tolerant

You are more tolerant and accommodating to the people you have around you. You understand that you do not have to win every argument and that people will make mistakes and hurt you. By giving room to certain failures around you, you command more respect from others.


9. You have a more holistic view of life

When you start appreciating life better and observing life from a multi-dimensional angle you show a sign of maturity. You are not stuck to doing things a particular way. You are flexible and have a better humor for negative moments. You enjoy each passing season and have look ahead with a positive perspective.


10. You appreciate knowledge

Acquiring knowledge and seeking to find answers is a mark of adulthood. As kids we are sometimes pushed or coerced to study and engage in brain tasking activities. However as we grow up we tend to appreciate why we need to acquire knowledge.


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