10 Guys Worth Following On Instagram


Instagram: it’s the social network we spend the most time on. We share the hottest fashion trends, we post pics of our latest vacation… And sometimes, well, we enjoy the eye candy that comes with it. Taut muscles, sexy beards, eyes we can get lost in… Are you sitting down? Because we’re offering you quite a feast for your eyes. Oh, don’t thank us. Instead, share these with your friends. They’ll be sure to thank you for it.


1. Silviu Tolu


A photo posted by silviutolu (@silviutolu) on


2. Nick Bateman


A photo posted by Nick Bateman (@nick__bateman) on



3. Marlon Teixeira


A photo posted by Marlon Teixeira (@marlontx) on


4. Nathan Owens


A photo posted by Nathan Owens (@nathanowens_) on



5. Thyago Alves


A photo posted by Thyago Alves (@thyagoalves84) on


6. Bruno Bevan


A photo posted by Bruno Bevan (@brunobevan) on



7. Sean O’Pry


A photo posted by Sean O’Pry (@seanopry55) on


8. Kyle Krieger




9. Don Benjamin


A photo posted by Don Benjamin (@itsdonbenjamin) on


10. Brock O’Hurn


A photo posted by Brock O’Hurn (@brockohurn) on




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