10 Most Expensive Things Made Of Gold


There is nothing better than having all gold everything. Imagine having some of these items just chillen around the house. Here are 10 of the most expensive things that are made of gold.

10. Gold BBQ Grill – $150,000

?????????????This wonder cooker is made of 24-karat gold.

 9. Gold Shirt – $250,000

gold shirt

The shirt weighs 7 pounds and is made out of 14,000 pieces of 22-karat gold.

 8. Gold Elizabeth Coin – $997,000

gold coin

The most expensive solid gold coin in the world comes from Canada. It weighs at 220 pounds and it is 99.999% pure gold.

7. Solid Gold Toilet and Toilet Paper – $3.8 Million

gold toilet

The most expensive toilet can be found in Hong Kong. The toilet itself is worth 2.5 million and the toilet paper is 1.3 million.

6. A Model of the Bugatti Veyron Diamond LTD – $4 Million

gold bugatti

It weighs around 15.4 pounds.

 5. Geoffrey Parker Poker Set – $7.5 Million


Let’s gamble!

 4. Abu Dhabi Christmas Tree – $11 Million

christmas tree

It has 181 items of jewelry.

 3. Gold Pocket Watch – $11 Million

gold pocket watch

You’ll never want to ask someone else the time.

 2. Gold Black Diamond Iphone 5 – $15 Million

gold iphone

Don’t want to drop this.

 1. Gold Lamborghini – $62 Million

gold lambo

Most expensive item made of gold.




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