The 10 Most Expensive Homes In The World

If you had all the money in the world, what would your house look like? Would there be a pool? Would you have a hidden walk way? How about acres of land to do as you please? We are always looking for the best decor and how people spend their money, so here is a look inside some of the most expensive homes in the world and a little bit about who has lived there.

10.  Fleur De Lys- Beverly Hills, California

Known as the most beautiful estate in America, Suzanne Saperstein has had this mansion on the market since 2007. He has stood firm at the selling price, keeping it for sale at $125 million dollars. This 12 bedroom, 15 bath, 5 gated, 1 guest-house and 35,000+ square feet is a European citadel. Not only is there marble walls and limestone floors, but there is gold decoration everywhere. Some additives include a 50-seat theatre, dual kitchens, a ballroom, gym and a pool house.




9. Hala Ranch- Aspen, Colorado

This 95-acre estate is located just north of Aspen, Colorado and was originally purchased and given its name by Prince Bandar bin Sultan for $135 Million. He purchased the land while he served as ambassador to the United States and visited about 3 times a year. The estate has its own wastewater treatment plant and a mechanical shop with its own gasoline pumps and car wash. There are cross-country ski trails and the centerpiece lodge of the manor is larger than the White House. There are 15 bedrooms (all with patios) and 15 baths, an elevator, and the decoration in the interior features mahogany wood and bronze hardware.


Hala Ranch

8. Maison de L’Amitie- Palm Beach, Florida

Donald Trump purchased this mansion from Maison de L’Amitie out of bankruptcy in 2004 for $41.2 million dollars, a couple years later the selling price of the house was $150 Million. This is 80,000 square feet and features over 20 bathrooms, 15 nedrooms, tennis courts, guest-houses, and a 100 foot swimming pool.




7. The Pinnacle- Montana

Edra and Tim Blixseth own this $155 million dollar ski lodge/residence. They also own Yellowstone Club, which is a ski resort that only billionaires belong to. This house has 10 bedrooms with every floor heated, including the driveway. Smaller than most mansions but the property and the location make up for it. There is an indoor/ourdoor pool with amazing views of Pioneer mountain, Cedar Mountain and the Yellowstone Club. There is even a private chair lift directly from the house to the ski resort.





6. Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa- London, England

This freestanding $161 million dollar home was refurbished, giving the building its current features. There are 5 stories, 10 bedrooms, an underground indoor swimming pool, movie theatre, panic room, sauna and gym. Its over-the-top interior and modest exterior blend together to make the home inviting and not over bearing.




5. Hearst Castle- Central Coast of California

William Randolph Hearst built this castle in 1919. This is now $190 million dollars and it has 29 bedrooms, three pools, a movie theatre, a nightclub, and several tennis courts. When Hearst died, The “Hearst Corporation” donated this castle to the state of California. Since then, it has been maintained as a state historic park.




4.  Fairfield Pond- Sagaponack, NY (The Hamptons)

Ira Rennert named his home this after the adjoining body of water, Fairfield Pond. This $248 million dollar home faces the Atlantic Ocean and its about 63 acres of property. This has an Italianate façade with 29 bedrooms and 39 baths. There is a Mediterranean-style roof, a basketball court, a 91 foot long formal dining room, a bowling alley, two tennis courts, two squash courts, and a $150,000 dollar hot tub.





3. One Hyde Park Penthouse- London, England

Would you buy a penthouse for $225 million dollars? Located in posh Knightsbridge, this was purchased by Ukraines richest man. There is bulletproof glass, 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 5 reception rooms as well as panoramic views across the capital.




2. Villa Leopolda- Villefranche-sur-mer, France

King Leopold II built a series of waterside homes for his many mistresses. This a $750 million dollar, 20 acre estate. This backs up the hills behind Beaulieu and Villefranche.





 1. Antilla- Mumbai, India

This 27-floor personal ambani home standing at 550 feet high is $1 billion dollars. The building is named after the mythical Atlantic Island of Antillia. No two floors are alike in either plans, or materials used. For example, if wood is used on the ninth floor design, it shouldn’t be used on any other floor. This idea is to blend styles and architectural elements so spaces feel consistent without repetition.



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