10 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It’s already that time again!

If you’ve forgotten to go shopping for a costume, or you just don’t see the need to buy a costume, here are 10 simple ideas for costumes that you probably already have lying around your house somewhere.

1. Walk of Shame


This costume is fairly easy to do last minute. This was my costume last year that I got the day of Halloween.

All you need is a club/going out outfit and an oversized men’s button-down shirt. Or, you can also go with a bra and boy shorts under the oversized men’s button down shirt. The key to this is to make your hair look slept in and your makeup look like you fell asleep wearing it.

Make yourself look as frazzled as possible. Walk around in sneakers and hold your dress and heels in one hand as well. It’s such a fun and easy outfit.

2. Britney Spears Circa “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”


All you really have to do is put your hair into two high braided pigtails with pink ribbon. For the outfit, just find a black high-waisted skirt, tie a white button-down shirt at your belly button and wear a grey cardigan over the outfit. Grey high socks and sneakers are also a plus for the overall outfit. Being blonde helps, too.

3. Frat Boy


This one may be one of the easiest costumes of all time. Just go into a frat house, look through their closets and steal everything you can find.

I’m just kidding.

Grab a pastel pair of khaki shorts and a pastel button-down to match and you’re golden. Add a backwards hat and some high socks and you’re good to go. Just master the “frat boy swag.”

4. Cat


This actually may be the easiest costume of all time. Forget what I said before. Do you have an entire black outfit? Yeah, probably.

Find whatever look you’re going for in black. Want to be authentic? Want to be cute? Want to show it all? You know how to. You have that covered. Great! Now put on some makeup, add a black nose, some whiskers and some cat ears. You’re set to go!

5. Vampire


Remember what I said about the cat? To be a vampire, do the same thing. Find a black outfit. Make it as promiscuous as you want (It’s Halloween. You’re allowed to… Even if it weren’t Halloween, you’re still allowed to.). Or don’t. That’s awesome, too! Do what makes you feel confident.

Now, do your makeup in a way that makes you feel good. Ditch the whiskers, nose and cat ears. Add some black lipstick, black jewelry and fangs. Add a little bit of blood to the corner of your mouth if you’re feeling it. Bam. You’re a vampire.

6. Devil


Woah, look at how easy this will be. Wear a black outfit. (Yes, like the two before.) Wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Or, you could wear a completely red outfit. That works, too. Rock that outfit. Now, add some makeup that you feel good in. Do you feel good? Nice. Add some devil horns and a pitchfork. You, miss (or sir), are set to go.

7. Angel


Come on: you had to expect this one after the devil. You can’t have a devil without an angel—just don’t try to stand on someone’s shoulders at the same time. That may not work out very well.

Okay, so here’s what you have to do. Do you have a white outfit? Maybe a white dress? Awesome. Do your makeup, or don’t do your makeup. Do you. Have fun with it. Are you done? Okay, cool. Wear some white wings on your back and a white halo.

8. Regina George


Get in loser; we’re going shopping. Or, you can just wear a white tank top you don’t mind cutting. Either works.

Remember the scene where her tank top has two holes to show her bra? That’s what this costume is. Put a bra on. Maybe a purple one like the one she had?

Now, wear a white tank top over it. Got scissors? Cut two holes in your shirt by the breast area. Warning: do not cut your bra too. That may be awkward. Okay, that’s done. Find a high-waisted black skirt—maybe a floaty one and you’re done!

9. Rosie the Riveter


Talk about girl power! This one is super easy because I have no idea what kind of pants Rosie wears. From what I know, all you have to do it put on a denim blue shirt and roll up the sleeves.

Then, get a red bandana to tie in your hair. Put on your fierce face and show your muscles! Bonus points if you somehow get a yellow background with the quote, “We Can Do It!” to follow you around. All done. So simple. So empowering.

10. Masquerade


Do you have a little black dress? Do you have a dress (or outfit) that makes you feel super confident? Put it on. Get all dressed up to the nines girl. Do your hair. Do your makeup. Wear those heels you want to wear. Be safe in said heels. Get a beautiful masquerade mask. You have yourself a costume. Make it as simple or as elegant as you’d like!

Halloween is all about dressing up as something, or someone, you aren’t. No matter what you choose to do, be confident doing it. And have fun! Don’t worry about what others might think of you. Be creative!

If you like these ideas or have any other ideas, please share them in the comment section below

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